Hungry Human

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A Waffle Lot
A Waffle Lot   Bring a smile to someones face when you give them this cute little waff..
The Whole Enchilada
The Whole Enchilada   Bring a smile to someones face when you give them this cute litt..
A Hot Tamale
A Hot Tamale   Anyone who is a fan of these cinnamon spiced hot American candies will ..
Nacho Birthday
It's Nacho Birthday Is It?   Know someone that's a nacho king or queen? This is the pe..
Taco Awesomeness
Let's Taco 'Bout How Awesome You Are   Do you know an awesome person? Has someone done..
Udon Know
Udon know what you mean to me Who loves noodles? Udon noodles to be exact? Aren't these the c..
Miso Happy
You make miso happy Miso soup lovers... This is the cutest little miso soup bowl I've ever se..
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Burger & Fries
We go together like burger and fries Well, you can't have one without the other, that's just ..
Mac & Cheese
You're the cheese to my macaroni Awesome cheesy goodness is right with you on this mac and ch..
Bangers & Mash
We go together like bangers and mash A good wholesome and hearty British meal, bangers and ma..
Pizza My Heart
You've stolen a pizza my heart This little slice of pizza has had it's heart stolen, have you..
Donut Know
I donut know what I'd do without you Donuts are the sweetest and bestest a lot like a partner..
Fish & Chips
I love you more than fish and chips (and I really love fish and chips) A friday night favouri..
I'm Soy Into You
I'm Soy Into You Oooo this soy sauce card is ideal for couples who enjoy their love of soy sa..
Never Let You Gyoza
Never let you gyoza Now it's stuck in your head too isn't it? This bright, cute litte gyoza..
All That And Dim Sum
You're all that and dim sum How cute are these little dim sum dumplings to tell a special som..
Let's Jam
Let's Jam Calling all jam lovers around the world. Bring a smile to someone's face when ..
That's My Marma-Lady
That's My Marma-Lady If like me you're not a fan of jam (school days and too many jam sandwic..
Muffin In This World Compares To You
Muffin In This World Compares To You This is the cutest muffin card and it's so caring. Ca..
I Love You More Than Chocolate
I Love You More Than Chocolate When you know you your partner thinks you love chocolate mo..
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