6 Ways To Reuse Old Greeting Cards

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What do you do with your old birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other occasion cards? We’re given quite a lot over the year and they either end up in the bin or the back of a drawer so I’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can reuse them so we’re saving the environment and being cool and creative too!


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Cut off the back half of the card and keep the front and use it as a postcard. As long as the front of the card has no writing on the inside then you're good to go to send it to someone else.


If it’s a card that you’d like to keep then why not frame it and keep the memory alive rather than it being kept in a box where you’re never going to look at it again. I get a lot of people buying my cards just to frame and I think that’s a fab idea.

Gift Tags

Cut the card, depending on size and design, into roughly business card sized rectangles, punch a hole and tie some twine through it and voila you have yourself a gift tag. It works especially well if there’s a character or image of some sort that you can cut around or patterned cards work just as well too.

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Scrapbook / Journaling

A lot of people use scrapbook and journaling to keep memories and precious moments alive so why not use your cards in them too. Maybe cut a section to use for decoration or the keep just the front of the card and write a memorable quote on the other side.


So probably not the best thing for us greeting card designers but to pick someone you’re close to and resending the same card over years will obviously save you on going to get one but it sounds kinda fun. I saw this article a while ago about 2 brothers who resent each other the same card for about 40 years - how bloody awesome is that?! Just think of the memories that card is made of...


There’s lots of ideas above of ways to reuse old cards but ultimately, if you’re going to chuck them out then please recycle them and help grow more trees or make new paper. Usually we see Christmas card bins at supermarkets only but you don’t want to build up a collection ‘til then so take them to your local recycling bank (found in supermarket car parks) but remember to take off any embellishments!

So that’s your 6 ways to reuse old greeting cards. What other uses can you think of? I hope this gets some creative juices flowing next time you receive a card.

Dina x

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