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At the moment my workspace is a bit of a mess. Actually, my desk isn’t; just the rest of my office. Since moving I haven’t had a chance to put up shelves or organise folders - it’s just kind of an organised mess right now.

Now I have a room dedicated to work (as opposed to working from my living area like I was before), I feel like I can make it really feel like a bright and colourful area that reflects me and my business. I had a bit of time to browse around online for new accessories and stumbled upon a few (too many) things that I’d love to splash out on…
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1. Bando Hopes & Dreams Notebook Set £14

2. Spectrascope Desk Planner £5

3. A5 Neon Exercise Books (2pk) £2

4. Bando Sticker & Label Book £10

5. Pale Gold Foil Washi Tape £2

6. Hot Pink & Grey Geometric Washi Tape £2

7. Masté Neon Washi Tape £13.50

8. Design Ideas Edison Magazine Holders £22.95

9. Ikea Ranarp Desk Lamp £39

10. Elephant Letter Organiser £16.92

11. Desk Cup Holder from £2.99

12. Elephant Plant/Pen Pot £11.96

13. Pineapple Pen Pot £7.99

14. Pink Elephant Pen Pot £(Unsure if this is still available)

15. Design Ideas Edison Pen Pots £5.95

16. Unicorn Paperclip Holder £7.99


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