Things To Bake, Make & Do This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do or make or get then you’ve come to the perfect place and this post is just for you! If picked out a few ideas of things you can bake, make and do (I couldn’t find a rhyming word for do) hahaha!

So, let’s get on…


Again with the food - what’s valentines without a bit of chocolate? A jar of nutella would be perfect for me and I'd be perfectly happy with that but i don't think there’s much effort involved AND i’d be more than happy if all 3 courses were dessert too, who’s with me?! I’ve been trawling through the internet and found a few recipes to sweeten those tastebuds some more. Try these orange and pistachio chocolate pots, or white chocolate hearts with sprinkles, or here for nutella and hazelnut truffles and finally here for the easiest of them all - dip some strawberry in chocolate and voila, you have chocolate hearts!

If you're not much of a chocolate person then these cream-filled puff pastry hearts look just the cutest and super easy to do! Perfect as who wants to be slaving over the stove EVER! Check out my pinterest board for Valentine's Day desserts.

valentines recipes

Last year I wrote a post about things you can do and make on the cheap to so you can also check that out here. It has cute little DIY ideas that you can make as gifts such as origami hearts and stars and putting things in jars that are romantic. This Valentine’s Day, why not make your own card or gift? Think of something your partner would love and make it meaningful. If you’re not feeling creative then I’ve made this free printable valentines card for you guys. Just add your own favourite to show how much they mean to you.

If you still fancy buying your loved ones a card, head to the shop where I’ve added new cards just for Valentine’s and also check out these mug and coaster gift sets which come with a FREE CARD!

valentines day card printable


Anyway, this probably sounds bad but I'm one of those people that hates going out for food on valentine's day. I hate set menus just for one day - I mean come on, I wanna eat what I wanna eat! Its cute and all celebrating but why not try something different like going on a date to the zoo or theme park. Spend the looking through photos and reminiscing about first dates with a cheesy pizza and a bottle of wine. Do something different such as an experience day like zorbing, segway session or buggying - you know - something that you will remember. If you’re thinking you don’t have a date then take your mates :)

That’s all for now, have a lovely weekend!

Dina x

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