Fun and quirky ... just like me!

About The Playful Indian…

The Playful Indian is founded by Dina Mistry, designer and illustrator.

It consists of simple, hand-drawn, quirky and fun illustrations with an Asian twist. Products include mostly greeting cards, some homewares and also accessories. Together with cute illustrations and slightly cheesy sayings, they’re sure to put a smile on your face and truly brighten up your day. I’m always working on new ideas so watch this space for more stuff!

I always had an interest in illustration and design. Doodling from a young age, I had a passion for drawing and went on to university to study Graphic Design & Illustration. I worked full time after graduating then decided to go freelance with graphic design. During this time, I worked on greeting card ideas as I thought to myself there’s a lack of modern, witty cards in the Asian market and The Playful Indian was born!

In 2012, I approached The Prince’s Trust and spoke to them about my ideas and setting up my own business. They were very good and gave me all the advice and help I needed and off I went.

Today, I am back working full time as I found it hard living on my own and with no regular monthly income but I still dedicate all my free time to The Playful Indian developing products and working on new ideas. Although still a small company, I am proud to say that The Playful Indian has a growing fan base all over the world with demand for products in America, Australia and India.

I plan to keep growing my card range and adding more gifts to my current product and I also am keep to attend lots of trade shows so here's hoping you will be seeing me coming to high street near you!


Like I said above, I always had an interest in this field. Other things that inspire my designs are all these silly ideas popping into my head, people's conversations (not that I'm nosey or anything) and my crazy friends and family.

The main thing is probably food though. I like food. Most of it, well a lot of it actually, except raisins and mushroom soup but I love mushrooms – weird right? This love, together with my Indian culture inspired me to create my first and most popular range, The Hungry Indian. With sayings such as 'You're the chutney to my samosa', they're prefect for any occasion and are guaranteed to make anyone smile!


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